From Ogcheol Lee, PhD, Chairperson of WSDN


On behalf of the World Society of Disaster Nursing Board, it is my big honor to welcome all the experts and academics worldwide to Taipei for the 7th International Research Conference that will take place from October 20-21, 2022.

We are very grateful to the Taiwan Nurses Association for their tremendous support as host and to the Organizing Committee, speakers, and panels who have put together an engaging program.

Particularly, a big appreciation stays Dr. Ching-Min Chen, President of the TWNA, for her outstanding leadership.

Since the pandemic declaration in 2020, all countries have been targets by COVID-19, making the global perspective of disaster nursing more critical than ever. The conference theme, “Nurses Together for Global Challenges,” is timely and meaningful to build back better in disaster nursing.

This unique biannual conference brings together nurses, nurse educators, researchers, and graduate students, providing them a platform to report on and discuss issues and scientific achievements related to disaster nursing worldwide.

I hope to see you in Taipei and look forward to sharing the lessons learned and ideas to explore a new milestone of disaster nursing.

Ogcheol Lee, PhD, Chairperson of WSDN