About 7th WANS & 7th WSDN

The 7th International Nursing Research Conference of World Academy of Nursing Science (7th WANS) &
The 7th International Research Conference of World Society of Disaster Nursing (7th WSDN)
October 18-21, 2022
Taipei International Convention Center (TICC)
Taiwan Nurses Association (TWNA)
Asian American/Pacific Islander Nurses Association (AAPINA)
World Academy of Nursing Science (WANS)
World Society of Disaster Nursing (WSDN)
Conference Secretariat
Ms. Gina Chen / GIS Group Global Co., Ltd
2F, 316, WenChang St., Xinyi District, Taipei 110, Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-8780-5688 ext.169
Fax: +886-2-8789-3602
Email: sponsor@twna2022.org

Sponsorship Opportunities

The 7th WANS & 7th WSDN offers more than 2,000 domestic and foreign clinical nurses, researchers, educators, administrators, and policymakers an international conference to share their experiences, expertise and cement new friendships. As a number of opinion leaders from industry, it is an excellent opportunity for the brand to expose and showcase the company’s products, services and vision, and engage with the attendees.

You can become a Premier sponsor, i.e. Diamond, Platinum, and Gold sponsors to enjoy exclusive benefits, including wide acknowledgement and priority to select certain sponsorship items. You can also become a Singular sponsor and target certain items to customize your contribution. Details of each level of Premium sponsorship are shown below, followed by event and individual items that are open for sponsorship.

If you have any ideas of supporting 7th WANS & 7th WSDN, please contact the Conference Secretariat at sponsor@twna2022.org

Categories of Sponsorship

Premier Sponsorship (A-1)
USD 20,000
• Complimentary Registration Badges 15 10 5
• Exhibition Badges 8 4 4
Event & Booth
• Lunch Symposium 1
(1st / 2nd priority)
(3rd / 4th priority)
• Booth (3M x 2M) 4
(1st / 2nd priority)
(3rd / 4th priority)
(5th - 7th priority)
Acknowledge and Logo Positioning
• Acknowledgement on the entrance display truss at the conference venue
• Acknowledgement in the Program Book
• Recognition on the official website
• An advertisement in Program Book -Inside front cover
-Inside back cover
-Premium front page
-Premium back page
Inside Page
• Insert one printed material (maximum four A4 pages) into Conference Bag
Lunch Symposium
B-1 [Day 1] October 18, 2022 8,000 4
B-2 [Day 2] October 19, 2022 8,000 4
B-3 [Day 3] October 20, 2022 8,000 1
C-1 3M x 2M 2,500
D-1 Advertisement in the Program Book - One Inside Page 1,000
D-2 Flyer-insert in Conference Bag – One Page (Double Sides) 500
Other Sponsorship
E-1 4 Complimentary Registration Badges 1,000

※ Slots of sponsorship opportunities are given on a first-confirmed-first-served basis. Please reserve your sponsorship as soon as possible.

※ A completed application form accompanied by payment should be mailed/ faxed to ensure reservation of your desired sponsorship before 30 April 2022.