from WANS

On the World Academy of Nursing Science, 7th Nursing Research Conference

Dear Members of WANS and Those Who are Interested in Development of Nursing Science

It is my pleasure to announce WANS 7th Nursing Research Conference are now in the planning phase to invite you all in year 2022. The Taiwan Nurses Association and Asian American Pacific Islander Nurses Association / AAPINA (USA) are now jointly planning the 7th Nursing Research Conference. Some may remember, the WANS 6th Nursing Research Conference was planned to open at Osaka, Japan. However, in the real last minutes, the State of Emergency was declared in Japan, in February 2020. We have not been able to meet with each other for a longtime. The world is still suffering with Coronavirus pandemic, but nursing had never stopped the action. Meantime, mechanical application and systems are developed for us to meet and exchange, communicate face by face on PC or bigger screen. Many new ways are created to enhance the conference to exchange the research results and message among us. It is still unknown what kind of the conference would be, but the creativity of the hosts will blossom out at the conference to be.

More detail of the conference would be coming soon. I am now cordially inviting you to get ready to attend the conference. When the announcements are made, we will spread the news. Please distribute the news among your students and colleague researchers.

Noriko Katada, RN, DNSc.
World Academy of Nursing Science