Submission Guidelines

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Oct. 29, 2021 to Feb. 15 Mar. 15, 2022.

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  1. All abstracts must be submitted and received in the period Oct 29, 2021 and Feb. 15 Mar. 15, 2022 through 7th WANS Abstract Portal.
  2. Abstracts must be submitted in English.
  3. Words limitation:
    • Title – maximum of 40 words (Every word, except articles, prepositions, and conjunctions, should be capitalized).
      i.e. The Initial Study of Working Pressure and Adaptive Behavior of Nurses in Caring COVID-19 Patient
    • Abstract – maximum of 300 words
  4. Acceptable structure of an abstract must consist of four components: Objectives, Methods, Results, Discussion/Implications and Keywords (3-5 keywords).
    i.e. Keywords: working pressure, adaptive behavior, COVID-19, nurse
  5. The abstract can be submitted in the following categories:
    • Concurrent session: A 10-minute presentation grouped by theme.
    • Poster: A visual presentation of research with an academic or professional focus by an individual or representatives of research teams for display on a poster board.
  6. The maximum authors of the abstract are six people.
  7. Information about the types of submissions:
    • Academic research papers (including empirical or theoretical studies) are welcome.
    • Monograph, brief communication, and case report are not accepted.
  8. The participant submitting the abstract MUST provide one presenting author. The presenting author of an accepted abstract (oral and poster) must register before June 30, 2022 to have his/her abstract included in the final program.
  9. The same abstract cannot be submitted for consideration in different abstract categories.
  10. The on-line submission also indicates the copyright agreement to publish the abstracts for all purposes of the Conference usage without further notice.
  11. Authors are strongly advised to ensure the accuracy of the submitted abstracts. Any mistakes in literature or in scientific facts will be published as what is typed.
  12. All authors named in this abstract have agreed to its submission for presentation at The 7th WANS, and that the authors are responsible for the data and agree with the stated results.
  13. The Scientific Committee of the 7th WANS, reserves the right to accept or refuse an abstract, to designate abstracts oral or poster presentation and to choose a suitable session for the abstract. The authors’ preference of the type of the presentation and theme will be taken into account.
  14. All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee of the 7th WANS. The result will be informed by emailing a notice of acceptance/rejection to the presenting authors by March 31 April 15, 2022.
  15. No simultaneous submission – Submission is not permitted as long as a manuscript is under review with another conference.

Abstracts Topics

1. Nursing Education and Learning 2. Patient Care and Nursing Practice 3. Health Systems
1-1 Career Pathways
1-2 Continuing Professional Development and Lifelong Learning
1-3 Interprofessional Education
1-4 Nursing Education System
2-1 Advanced Practice Nursing
2-2 Aging and Long-term Care
2-3 Critical Care
2-4 Mental Health
2-5 NCDs
2-6 Patient Safety
3-1 Innovative Models of Care
3-2 Migration
3-3 Nursing Leadership in Management and Health Policy
3-4 People-Centred Care
3-5 Social Determinants of Health
4. Human Resources and Workforce 5. Digital Health 6. Infectious Diseases
4-1 Building a Workforce for the Future
4-2 Recruitment and Retention
4-3 Safe Staffing
5-1 Big Data and Information
5-2 Electronic Health Records
5-3 Technology and Nursing
5-4 Telehealth
5-5 Data & information
6-1 Emerging Infectious Diseases- COVID-19
6-2 Others